Friday, November 24, 2006

The Gift

According to Hallmark,this is on tonight at 11.Thankfully with them showing re-runs,I can always think of something to post when I'm running low on inspiration


lisa said...

Ooh... and what a gift he is indeed!

Wouldn't he look so comfy under the Christmas Tree?? ;)

Thank you Eliza... *big kiss*

bogusboobs said...

That's way, way too much beefcake for one evening.

Janey said...

I wonder when they will put the season on box set, I mean how long has it been on NTSC format-2 years!.

Val said...

But have you noticed, Eliza, they keep announcing the programmes according to the old schedule. These people are amateurs and idiots. They also left out a whole chunk of Season 2 - why? They edited out a few "bastards", but they've shown them before at the same time.

However, they do at least bring us or lovely Vincent, so I suppose we should be a little tolerant.