Friday, September 08, 2006


I'm going through favourite films at the moment,as you may have noticed.Completely random pics too,just going through the album,ticking as I go :)

I even included some of Doug,just for a change


val said...

Clever Vincent, making 2 such intriguing characters in 1 movie.

Finn said...

I have to emphathise with Whitney's "Douglas, please, this is my stuff okay?"

Woe betide anyone who touches my files! ;-)

bogusboobs said...

Be afraid, be VERY afraid!


madi said...

Cool, man, y'know?!
Finn, any way that I could get Whit's phone no? I could use his... um, skills... ;-P
Thanks Eliza, great caps, and Doug is not too bad actually.

lisa said...

He is just *rough* sexy as Whitney and then *smooth* sexy as Ashton.

How the hell does he do that?!? Now, that is talent... ;)

Diane said...

Ah, Whitney is sooooo sweet *sighs* Great caps Eliza, as always.