Saturday, September 02, 2006

Off Topic?

This was on TV earlier,so,despite the fact that I've seen it countless times before,I watched it again.It still has the same magic,and the same ability to make me cry buckets.Imagine me,sat in the kitchen with tears dripping off my chin,being laughed at by my children :(



val said...

My 6'4" ex once held open the pub door for John Thaw, and apparently he was able to walk right under Sean's arm.

I know his height doesn't affect his acting ability, but I just thought someone somewhere might be interested.

madi said...

I imagine you easy, it happens to me all the time, usually it's Alex laughing at me.

JoJo said...

This must be a British thing....I don't get it. Was it a show?

Eliza said...

jojo:Goodnight Mr Tom is a television play,based on a book with the same name.Some parts of it are very moving,both happy and sad.I cry,a lot

Eliza xxxxxx