Friday, October 20, 2006

Death Roe

I'm still working my way through S4,slowly.The sizes aren't brilliant so I may re-cap them all when C5 finally show them


lisa said...

In the words of the immortal Bobby Goren: "OOOHHH... STEAMY!!"

Eliza, pic #11 is beautiful... That face, that hand, those eyes... *sigh*

And there is nothing better than Bobby straddling a chair.. *quiver*

Diane said...

Bobby is clearly cold in the first picture. Come here baby and let me share some body-warmth with you! Lovely Eliza, as always.

Finn said...

RIP Chris Penn.

Loved the idea of Bobby working in a restaurant... wonder how he'd ever concentrate?

ann said...

a weird episode, but Goren didn't disappoint

Tess said...

Ohhh, there's the stocking cap again :)