Friday, November 03, 2006

An early post tonight,because we're going to see some fireworks(unfortunately)!

I was experimenting earlier and came up with this.It's definitely different,but whether good or bad I'm not sure :)

Val: F songs:

Forever Not Yours - a-ha
Fire Inside The Man - Savage Garden
Father & Son - Cat Stevens
Friends Will Be Friends - Queen
Fuller Goes To Sleep - 13F Soundtrack


mrsbg said...

Bobby Bobby... my ab fab fav


Diane said...

I love it! Enjoy the fireworks and wrap up warm Eliza, if it's anything like my bit of England it's freezing!!

Finn said...

Hope the fireworks go well.

The bridge looks very pretty in black & white like that :-)

lisa said...

Ooh... Great work, Eliza!

Now you know that those fireworks will be nothing compared to the Vincent fireworks that go on around here... :D

Have a great time, girl!

JoJo said...

Cool pics!! I love the "negative" effect you used on the city!!

Are the fireworks for an early Guy Fawkes celebration?

Janey said...

Yes I like the Grayscale, Negative thing you did-I also like Black and White effects-they give photos a certain contrast.

Val said...

Golly-gosh! Well done, Eliza, for the lovely post and the F songs.

madi said...

It looks great, I love it!!!
Oh, "Friends will be friends"!!! I keep watching that concert since I last talked to you, I can't stop :-))