Saturday, November 04, 2006

Young Abbie

There is a very tenous link to this picture,along the lines of "If they wanted better fireworks for the river scene,they should have filmed around here" :)

Jojo:Unfortunately Guy Fawkes night is now seen as a time for general mayhem,with fireworks going off for a couple of weeks either side of Nov 5th.My cats hate it,and I'm not that keen either.


Tess said...

WhooHoo!! I'm in Heaven!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Eliza :)

ps. My babies hate fireworks too.

Diane said...

In my neck of the woods, they started letting off fireworks last month and will probably carry on sporadically until New Year!! I hope they are all reincarnated as animals that have to live outside in fields........It was like being on the Somme about an hour ago.
Anyway, beautiful post Eliza!!!

lisa said...

Our neighbors set off fireworks whenever they get drunk and start hootin' and hollerin'!! It is illegal to shoot off fireworks in the city limits because you can set other peoples houses on fire, but do they listen?!? God, being "southern" can be so annoying sometimes... And we have three dogs and two cats that go berzerk whenever they start shooting. *sigh*
Sorry about that little rant! :D

You know I wouldn't mind a bit if Vincent showed up and set off some fireworks - hell, he wouldn't need fireworks to set me off!! *LOL*

Wonderful Eliza - I do love Abbie!!

Janey said...

Yes my cats hide, I dont' know why they want to do that-can't they wait until the day.

Val said...

I hate fireworks for all the same reasons (luckily my kitties were in really early last night, with all the whizzes and bangs) and I'm all in favour of a ban on sales, with only professional displays being allowed.

Liz said...

Actually, I like fireworks, sure! ‘hate’ the loud ones but,
when the sky lights up in red white blue green yellows purple mushrooms , the lightrain starts to tremble,
I can not do ells but get a smile (I love lightshows). But...
having cats, dogs and birds around (who hate it) I have no time to watch, no time to sit down and enjoy. My baby’s scared so me, no time... but :)
your young Abbie, wonderful, gorgeous. I just love it Eliza, So thank YOU!

madi said...

Where I live there's a "fiesta" every week, with fireworks and all, I have the feeling it's New Year every day!
Awesome wall, Eliza, I love Abbie!!! :-))

JoJo said...

Hi Eliza! Thanks for updating me on the Guy Fawkes festivities. It's the same here on 4th of July; out in the west it's just an excuse to blow stuff up. The Indian reservations open up around 6/20 and they sell the "illegal" stuff.

We had to board our German shepherd, Sagan, at the vet this past July 4th for 5 days b/c he was so freaked out!

The Abby pics are awesome. Wonder if he was smoking a real joint though?