Thursday, December 28, 2006

As Madi tagged Me

I've given this a lot of thought,which was fun in itself :)

5 Things That Turn Me On

Bad Boys

Eyes(and yes,Craig Bierko's do it for me!)

Feet,be they bare or clad in biker boots



I'm supposed to tag 5 people too,but I figure we can all play this game,so go for it :D


Finn said...

Yay for Craig and his mysterious eyes.

And Ash isn't really bad... just misunderstood ;-)

madi said...

Nipples and those size 13! Nice!
Great choices Eliza, thanks for playing along.

ann said...

1) vdo
2) vincent
3) d'onofrio
4) vincent d'onofrio
5) bobby bobby bobby

JoJo said...

Hey Ann - good to see you back! Great answer!!

Diane said...

Well done Eliza, yours were far more intelligent than mine, but like I told Madi, I switched my brain into 'neutral' when I left work last Friday - it's in NO hurry to re-engage ;0)
(my answer was Vincent x 5!)

Val said...

I run out of choices so soon - Vincent's left pinkie finger, Vincent's left pinkie fingernail, Vindnet's left ring finger, Vindent's left ring fingernail, see that's four alrady and I haven't even got past his left hand yet!

bogusboobs said...

*wishing she'd asked you to choose ten things*

Julie said...

ah, the nipples. mmmmmmmmm.