Saturday, December 02, 2006

Salute Of the Jugger

Or "Blood Of Heroes",depending on where you're from!!

I think I need to recap this,as I'm missing some interesting scenes :)


Finn said...

Ah, my first, erm, "exposure" to VDO. Great film. And filmed in Australia if I remember right.

Val said...

Brilliant acting aside, Vincent has also been rent-a-hunk quite a lot, hasn't he? I mean, who else would have been big enough to play Olee?

Diane said...

I was just happy he was still breathing as the end credits rolled - AND he got laid in the course of it, although one can barely see this thanks to it being shot by the light of one (small) candle from someone's birthday cake.... ;0)

madi said...

I still have no clue what was the deal about the dog skulls?!!
"Mad Max" VDO style?... Not too bad though ;-)

tamara said...

"rent-a-hunk" *lmao* ;)

i think this was on tv here last night. but they cut the film pretty bad for tv, all the good scenes were almost completely cut (you know what scene i'm talking about, don't you?) and i won't even talk about the horrible dubbing... *brrr*

lisa said...

He looks quite... "swarthy" in these caps. Swarthy in the absolute best way, of course!! And I wish I could "rent-a-hunk" like Vincent!!

And whether by candlelight or not - yes, you need to recap this Eliza so we can see him "getting laid!"