Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I'm trying something new,and I only picked this vid because it seems to be pretty popular on YouTube :-)

Anyhow,if you like it,you can (hopefully) download it here

Just follow the link,type in the 3 letters next to the box,and it should start....fingers crossed anyway


madi said...

It's working!!! Woo-hoo!!! :-D

Tess said...

Works for me too!!

Thanks Eliza..

l'oreal said...

ah! im at work...i'll have to watch this later :)

Liz said...

Works for me!!!

Love your experiment and love it when you play around with Vincent.
You are a real wizard :)

val said...

I'm sorry to introduce a criticism (of Vincent, not you, Eliza) - it is truly CRIMINAL that this gorgeous man should not give us all a chance to sample those delicious kisses. He is so self-evidently the greatest kisser on Earth, and he should not be allowed to keep the experience of that skill from us. I intend to start a petition.

Anonymous said...

I love it!
'And the Oscar for best Kisser in the Known Universe goes to the one, the ONLY, Vincent D'Onofrio' *sighs*

l'oreal said...

oh! now that i'm at home and was able to play the video, i know that video! lol. it's my favorite video of yours :)