Saturday, February 24, 2007

Top 5 Sex Symbols

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John Barrowman

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Craig Bierko
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Billy Joe Armstrong
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Richard Armitage

Mine,anyway :-)

As Ch4 are showing another one of their "Greatest" shows,this time on sex symbols,I thought I'd list mine.Obviously Vincent is number one with the other 4 following in no particular order.Who would you pick???


lisa said...


Very Distant 2) Hugh Jackman
Very Distant 3) Bono and/or any of the members of U2
Very Distant 4) George Clooney
Very Distant 5) Clive Owen

Tess said...

Well, you all know who tops my list!!

Then I'd have to say...Bruce Springsteen.

The only other one that comes to mind is J.K. Simmons. He played 'Schillinger' on the HBO series Oz. He's also the shrink on Law and Order, and Chief Pope on 'The Closer'!

Linda said...

My top 5 are:
2.Vin Diesel
3.Anthony Michael Hall
4.Kevin Costner
5.Will Smith

Finn said...


1. VDO
2. Craig Bierko
3. John Barrowman
4. Mark Dacascos
5. is a tie between many people :-)

Anonymous said...

1) Vincent D'Onofrio - gosh, I bet that's a shocker to one and all!
2) Elvis Presley - he was stunningly beautiful
Others would be George Clooney, John Cusack, Johnny Depp, but they're in no particular order of preference...and then I'd pick Vincent again anyway ;0)

Nezumi said...

There are a lot of guys I like, but my top 5 on this moment is:

1. Vincent D’Onofrio
2. Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa
3. William Peterson
4. Craig Parker
5. Odet Ferh

I must say some of the guys that are named here are very nice too. :o)

Liz said...

Well you know my absolute nr1. :) :) :)
The others, depends on what they do, so the other 4 change frequently.

...strange (NOT) how VDO keeps my attention... Wonder what the top 5 in this would be.

val said...

1. Vincent
2. Vincent
3. Vincent
4. George Clooney
5. Kevin Sorbo

Do you watch Boston Legal, Eliza - Craig Bierko's in that now!

l'oreal said...

oooo, interesting. i think everybody here agrees with vincent d'onofrio... hm, i'll have to think about this one. i'll put up a post of my own later, let y'all know :)

madi said...

Eliza, you know I have to make at least a top 50!!!
Ok, I'll give it a try:
1. Vincent
2. Roger Taylor
3. Adrian Paul
4. Jensen Ackles
5. Jonathan Togo

hoskeyapin said...

top 5 for me are 1 vincent d'onofrio 2 johnathan lapaglia 3 james woods 4 chris meloni 5 michael douglas

JoJo said...

Vincent, Bobby Goren, Olee.... oh they have to be different people?

John Pyper Ferguson
John Barrowman
Mark Harmon
Chris Meloni

tamara said...

1) vincent

... then a long list of nothing ...

2) paul newman (around 1960)
3) robert downey jr.
4) john cusack
5) george clooney

and probably some more that i forgot right now. oh, and i find kevin spacey exceptionally f***able lately. saw "the negogiator" yesterday... *drool*
and maybe sean penn and john c. mcginley from "scrubs",too.

Janey said...

Vincent, Johnny Depp, Colin Firth, Goran Visjnik ( from ER ), George Clooney, Adam Rodriguez.