Monday, March 26, 2007

Scared Crazy

I was going to post these in a slideshow,but there were a few that need more detailed examination,in my opinion :-D


Tess said...

Picture #8...Thank You. I love it when he stands with his legs apart :)

l'oreal said...

i like that last picture.

you know? he has some really nice nails. better than mine....there's something wrong with that.

of course thats what fake nails do

lisa said...

This was definitely one of the best from Season 5... Love that shot of his hands and the one where he is standing with his legs apart, dominating the room like only he can.
Wonderful job, Eliza!

madi said...

Bobby's finger in a hole!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Eyelashes, fingers, wrists! Even in full Welles-weight mode, he's jsut drop dead gorgeous. Lovely caps Eliza, I'm glad you finally managed to get S5 so that you could see it ;0)

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed Vincent frequently renders me incapable of spelling?!! (sorry)

val said...

I think the word dreamboat was invented for our Vincent.

Thanks for this lovely treat for the eyes.

JoJo said...'s Bobby so it's all good Eliza!


L'oreal - I thought the same thing as you about his mails! Great minds think alike.