Monday, April 23, 2007

Click on anything to make it bigger.....the picture bottom left maybe :-)

I went into Oxford yesterday with my kids and spent too much money....all I bought myself was Salute Of The Jugger on dvd!


vampireprincess said...

Are you sure that is all you bought? Are you being honest Eliza. I am sensing that you bought more. But go ahead and be sneaky it's fine. :)

madi said...

Mad Max Rutger Hauer version if you ask me. Not bad though, but I still don't get what was the whole thing about the dog skulls??!! :-))

Grrrreat wall!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

I was just grateful that Vincent was still breathing in this when the end credits rolled AND he got laid, tho' this was of course filmed by the light of one -very small-matchstick, trying to do it's best to illuminate the event from behind a very thick black blanket i.e. it's damn near impossible to tell he IS getting laid! Lovely collage as always Eliza.

JoJo said...

Oh yes, bottom left picture......we like that one A LOT! Thank you Eliza!

val said...

I don't understand - what is it about the picture bottom left?

:) :) :)

tamara said...

*lol* i agree with diane. it might be a really bad movie, but at least he still breathes at the end. ;)

did you know that there are actually a bunch of clubs in germany where they play that jugger-game? i think it was a comment on one of your older posts where someone posted a link to a club and i just browsed their site out of curiosity. man, these guys are weird i'm telling ya... ;)
nice wall!