Friday, June 15, 2007

Click It!!!

As S4 finishes tonight I had a play.The collage has a cap from every episode of S4,the animation just a few favourites :-)

Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that S5 won't be too far in the future


Tess said...

Oh...He's EVERYWHERE! He fills up my computer screen. (That's not the only thing I'd like him to 'fill up'!)

Thank You Eliza :)

Anonymous said...

Scrumptious - not much more I can say really except, yes, it's time we had S5 FINALLY!!! Has anyone contacted Hallmark for a date?? I mean a showing date, not an evening out of course ;0)

Anonymous said...

Just checked Hallmark's site:

Hallmark plans to show series V later on in the year

That's really helpful then! It's not listed for next month :0(

lisa said...

Eliza, season four is beautiful! Especially that shot in the top right corner of him chewing his thumb... that mouth and those hands!! *sigh*
I so wish that all of us were on the same viewing schedule... :(

kris said...

gorgeous as always eliza...and here's hoping you all get season 5 sooner rather than latter;)

tamara said...

so many pics, so many different expressions. this man is truly amazing.
and so are you, eliza. thanks for spoiling us with so many pics every day. :)