Thursday, June 28, 2007


I've spent the last couple of days attempting to make a video,so I've spent a bit of time in the company of Moriarty.Made me remember that while the film is complete pants,I quite like the look :-)


JoJo said...

He does look dashing, although I'm not too fond of the mutton chops. Wait don't tell me, he dies at the end?

Liz said...

Hey Eliza been a wile I was here,
am going around the blogs and saved you for the last.
You done a wonderful job with this one! Love to see that expressive face in this movie :)

take care girl

Tess said...

I thought he was quite sexy in this role. (Gee there's a surprise!)

vdo_luver said...

I actually liked this movie.

And I think it is impossible for Vincent to not be sexy.

Diane said...

I was understandably flummoxed that the females were all swooning over the foetus playing Holmes, when Gods Gift was there and available. He didn't even get to kiss anyone and I was crushed (naturally!) that he didn't get laid.
Jojo, this is Vincent we're talking about, what do you think happens at the end :0(

kris said...

beautiful slide show eliza;)