Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some Requests For S7

Please could we have..more shades, more undercover(especially with TBTSoH), the gun, dark blue shirts,with or without the vest, open neck shirts,and especially more SMILES........

oh,and maybe Lewis could put in an appearance??
That just about covers it as far as I'm concerned..anyone got anymore suggestions?


madi said...

I think you already have it all covered, what else could I suggest? The return of the Wallace??? :-P

Tess said...
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Tess said...

Sorry that was me!

I'd like to request Bobby getting laid on a regular basis. But since that won't happen (except in our imaginations) Here is my wish list.

The Grey Suit.


His lovely curls.

And..'The Pants Python' on display in Every episode ;)

vpdzoo said...

Also can he get angry and yell at the bad guys? He really does angry well.

Claire said...

More use of the handcuffs.
Some undercover work involving very little clothing.
Love that angry-breaking down doors and slammin' perps around.
Some sort of love life...

vdo_luver said...

Yes, the gray suit.

Bobby in short sleeves.

Bobby in shorts.

And yes, return of Wallace.

I don't know about the love life one. That makes it harder to imagine me with him then!! (lol)

Diane said...

Tess and I were clearly separated at VDO-birth!
I'd like him to KISS someone female and breathing as only he can, get naked, take a shower, get laid, but sadly I don't think we'll ever see Bobby in those situations.
Madi, I'll confess. I secretly murdered SWMNBN and buried her where no one will EVER find her ;0)
Otherwise, I'm just happy there IS a Season 7. As long as they don't rend and torture him, I'm fine with all your suggestions - and I'm quite sure Vincent has some of his own!

val said...

Shirtsleeves a LOT.
Make sure it's the LIGHT grey suit.
A really nice girlfriend with an actual figure, and some real kissing.
A glimpse at chest hair.
Arms, hands, wrists.
Vixens as extras, and some filming in London.

Julie said...

shots of his delicious lips framed by his sexy stubble.

open shirts that show more of his neck.

and, what Tess said about the Pants Python.

oooh, Groan!!

JoJo said...

Yes, he has to go commando more in the next season. More street clothes where he wears a nice tight pair of jeans.

tamara said...

yes, more handcuffs, more yelling and slamming perps around and more chest hair, please.

of course less clothes would be great too, but we know that this probably won't happen in this life...