Sunday, November 25, 2007


Funnily enough,I enjoy this episode.Probably because Bobby manages to break the suspect so successfully :-)

I'm not even sure if that makes sense,but it's early


Anonymous said...

I actually LOVE that S7 Bobby is much nearer to S1 Bobby in character; except he has a much shorter fuse! Looks like having 'reined him in' as Vincent put it, he's letting him out again ;0)

Glorious as always Eliza.

BobbyG said...

Some of the dialogue in this one made my skin crawl, but Bobby was "dead-on" as usual. He's gorgeous...'nuff said.

I THINK this is the epi when he said he had to use his "most important investigative tool"...his library card.

val said...

Th bigger they are, the harder they fall - at Bobby's hands.

Jane said...

Nice Collage Eliza, this particular one was based on a true story, creep. I did like the way Goren knew something wasn't quite as fresh around the crematorium.

Tess said...

What was the comment Eames made...Your biology teacher must have loved you!

Beautiful collage Eliza. Thank You :)

JoJo said...

humina humina humina