Friday, December 07, 2007

Just A Few from "Untethered"

The rest are here

Now,I know V probably doesn't care..but he deserves an Emmy for his performance in this one!!!

Oh,and Frank is right up there with Nicole as a person I would like Alex to shoot :-)


fenwayspal said...

ditto...frank is such a scummy piece of s**t!

(loved the shot of bobby in his jeans...what a nice surprise!)

thanx, val

Jane said...

Very nice Eliza, must of taken a while to do and some great moments too, lets hope Goren will be okay.

val said...

You continue to amaze, Eliza (I think Susan meant to thank you, not me).

He needs me to hug him.

frosty said...

What to choose,Vincent or the red car??..I will take Vincent in the red car!Vincent BUTT in blue JEANS..WOHOO!!Vincent in chains..alone..with ME..WOOF!!

Tess said...

Brilliant...Brilliant...Brilliant Episode!

I let out a VERY loud gasp when Bobby lifted his suit jacket, and I realized he was wearing jeans :)

Anonymous said...

My baby, what are they doing to my baby?!

Must admit, even seeing Frank on the trailer over at USA last week, I was loudly telling him he was a piece of s**t - and that's BEFORE I've seen the episode ;0)

Glorious caps Eliza, and well done on a quick job for the enrichment of D'Onofrio-Dom!

Madi said...

Wonderful! I hope I can watch it tonight, thank you so much!!

JoJo said...

Oh man what an episode. I dreamt about it and Bobby all night long (I was doing a lot of comforting in my dream. wink, nudge). The jeans were awesome!!!

Didn't know Frank was gonna be on this week so that was quite a surprise!!!

He should get an Emmy. I don't know if any of you guys have seen "Midnight Cowboy" but the end of last night's LOCI reminded me of a specific scene from MC.

Nita said...

My poor, sweet Bobby! I just wanted to hold him in his arms and keep him safe.

As for, I mean Frank..."take Eames to a motel and get it out of your system"?!? I wanted to kick his ass right then and there!

Lisa said...

Eliza - you continue to amaze... these caps are OUTSTANDING!

The jeans threw me for quite a loop there too, Tess... It was like Vincent was giving us our own special little surprise, to make up for all the hell we were going to go through the rest of the episode.

Oh, and most definitely - Frank needs to DIE!

Nick said...

What about the irony of the false name he selected.....Mr Brady! As for Frank, you can't give up on family that easily.

Liz said...

"Oh my ......."
i'm totally in luv with pic nr.5