Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Every so often I do a search of Amazon..just in case I've missed something.Looks like we're in for a good year in the U.K..with 5 new releases in a month
"The Player" (4 Feb)
"The Whole Wide World"(11 Feb)
"Happy Accidents"(25 Feb)
"FMJ"(3 March),
and last but by no means least(in the U.S too) "Good Luck"(4 March)
I'm going to start saving now :-D


Lozzie Cap said...

Oh wow - are those coming on DVD?? Region two?

Ice said...

Lot's of smiles,of the HOTTY and lot's of informacion about the HOTTTY-great stuff to start a day!!

joan said...

Vincent is always adorable.

JoJo said...

What??? Good Luck on DVD?????? FINALLY!!!!!

Now, if only they'd release Guy!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW - awesome news. VOG and WWW were the first 2 V-movies I sent to the States for, having never sent to the States for a DVD in my life. They were also the first things to grace my beloved multi-region DVD player, but it will be nice to have them in UK format, just in case the multi-region thing ever 'dies' (in which case I'll probably follow it, 'cause I now have a cupboard full of R1 movies, mostly Vincents!)

val said...

Yay, I have Indie Movies (at least I hope so). I just phoned up and upgraded. That means Guy on Saturday!!!!!!!!!

It had better work.

Beeeautiful news. I love everyone (except PC World - the reason's on my blog).