Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mighty Thor

will be appearing on a tv screen near you tomorrow...if you live in the U.K anyway :-)

Just wish the BBC didn't put it on so late.I'm not sure I can sit up to watch the whole thing just for 5 minutes of V time.


Ice said...

THE MIGTHY THOR..rrr..woof,woof..purr..haba,haba,haba!!I will need a inhaler after seeing VDO as Migthy Thor:)))!!

judith said...

i agree, there's no way i can stay up so late either.what is the problem with these tv. channels? to me this is a familly film and should be no problem putting it on earlier.

Axe said...

Hubba, hubba!!!
Hhhmm....Eliza, it'll be worth every minute of match stick eyes, babe!

Think of me when/ if you see him, okay?

fenwayspal said...

oh, yes you can...if HE'S not worth it, who is???

ok, this is why god created the vcr or the dvd-r, for moments like this.

Lozzie Cap said...

I shall be soundly asleep, all the more reason to PROCLAIM AND GIVE THANKS for your exceptional collage skill!

val said...

It's a regular V-fest at the moment in the UK.

I probably won't stay up, but I WILL record it, and I do have it on dvd anyway. It's nice to know it's on, along with Guy and The Cell on Saturday night.

Tess said...

I need to squeeze those adorable cheeks! (I'm not talking about his face, although those cheeks are adorable too)

JoJo said...

That's why I wait till the movie is about 70-75 minutes in before I tune in to see Vincent's all too short role as the hot, sexy Thor.

Mariajosé said...

Ladies, do not complain about the schedules

In Spain LOCI-S05 it was emitted at 00:45 h.

With lOCI-S06 it has gone slightly better at 23:45 h.

Thanks to saint video

And in dvd only exists the season 1

There are neither forums nor pages in Spanish as her

You have luck

Diane said...

Lozzie clued me up that this was on. Once was enough for me I'm afraid. I believe it was exactly 1 hour and 29 minutes before Vincent appeared...and he then proceeded to disappear after about 2 minutes.

Eliza, part of the word verification blogger wants me to type tonight is 'sucx'. Seems perfectly logical to me ;0)