Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday BobbyG

I hope I've got the day right? Hope you have a good one too!!!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely birthday 'card'! Happy Birthday.

val said...

Happy Birthday, Bobby G.

Trust Eliza to give V-fans what they want for their birthdays!

mauigirl said...

Hey BobbyG, Happy Birthday!

If you don't want all the Vincents, I can take the one in the BTSoH off your hands.

JoJo said...

Have a fantastic birthday Bobby G! What a gorgeous collage!

BobbyG said...

Oh...THANK YOU, thank you, Eliza. Yes, you got the day right. I am actually in tears that you remembered my comment.

I took a vacation day to "adjust" to being a year older and was just doing my daily "routine" of checking out the Vixen blogs and came upon this delicious surprise. I'm "almost" speechless, which is a rarity for me.

What a truly GORGEOUS selection of photos. Ya did good!!!! But you always do.

Thanks again...I truly appreciate it and all you do. This is the best birthday present so far.

Oh, almost forgot...thanks to the other well wishers. And Mauigirl, today I want ALL the Bobbys...especially the BTSOH...tomorrow I'll share.

vampireprincess said...

Happy birthday Bobbby G.

Tess said...

Happy Birthday Bobby G. Hope you had a fabulous day :)