Monday, March 10, 2008


I borrowed this from Vampire Princess Live Journal.Apparently you are supposed to think of 10 fictional characters you would sleep with..she got to 12.I must be bad because I couldn't manage less than 20 :-D

In no particular order they are: Bobby, Valentino, Sam, Gavin, Charley, Guy, Sam, Naked Stranger, Mr Blue, Ashton, Elton, Olee, Abbie, Mike, Whitney, Cholo, Joseph...and in an effort to appear slightly more balanced than I really am, The 10th Doctor, Sir Guy, and Spike.

I'm supposed to tag a few people,so Val, Tess, Diane, BobbyG and JoJo..feel like playing??


Lozzie Cap said...

Thank you for making me laugh!!!!

(For some reason I guffawed when the pic of David Tennant suddenly popped up in the midst of all these semi-naked images of Vincent. I adore David Tennant, BTW.)

JoJo said...

Sure, I'll play:

Guy, Bobby, Olee, Sammy, Bill,
Mike Cobb, Mr. Blue, Cholo,
Dominic, Gordon

And a non-Vincent role: Pete Hutter from "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr"

Tess said...

Let's see: Bobby, Abbie, Elton, Sammy, Valentino, Guy, Mr. Blue, Pooh Bear (it could be interesting!) Bill, Mike Cobb, Olee and every other charater he's played :)

If I have to pick one non-Vincent, I guess I could tolerate Javier Bardem!

Anonymous said...

Without wishing to cheat at all (ahem!)I can name 'em all in ONE; anything/anyone played by VINCENT, including Pooh Bear, who would, as Tess said, be interesting, and Edgar, before he was 'bugged';0)

None-V, yeah, David Tennant probably.

val said...

Eliza, are you sure there was a Bobby picture in there? I watched it over and over, but couldn't catch one (mind you I got repeatedly interrupted!)

My only non-V would probably be Kevin Sorbo as Hercules (I'm so shallow).

Vincent characters, all but Pooh Bear, probably, even Pyle. But top 10 probably would be:

Bobby; Olee; Sammy; Mr Blue; Valentino; Guy; Gavin; The Naked Stranger; Cholo; Mike Cobb.

BobbyG said...

I started to do this as a post on my blog, complete with photos, but since the other "taggees" did it as a comment here, I shall follow suit.

Well, my first 1,000 choices would be BOBBY. I know that's cheating, but I am a fairly monogomous person...even in my fantasy-life, however, my previous "fictional" fantasy-lovers have included:

Magnum P.I., MacGyver, Captain Jack Sparrow, Timothy Dalton as Edward Rochester in "Jane Eyre," Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in "Pride & Prejudice." There are others, but my brain is not cooperating at the moment, so these shall have to suffice.

Guess we all want Bobby, huh? He's going to be a very busy man.

BobbyG said...

Val, you probably found the Bobby photo by now, but I can't for the life of me imagine how you missed it. He was wearing the BTSOH and brandishing his would be his gun. LOL I'm sure you found him.

JoJo said...

Oh yeah, Captain Jack Sparrow is FINE!!!!! Add him to my non-Vincent list!