Sunday, March 30, 2008


Shades of grey because this episode,for all it's excellence,makes me feel grey too.I don't even like looking at the pictures of it much :-(

On a happier note ( sort of) I need June to be here now! I've done a collage/wallpaper for every single Bobby episode from S1 to S7.If you feel the need you can check up on me and have a look here


PurpleVixen7 said...
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Diane said...

I can't wait for June either - is wishing your life away a BAD thing?! - but it looks like we're going to have to.

'Untethered' was such a powerful episode, it still leaves'untethered' every time.

Looks wonderful Eliza - 70 days and counting, very fast, but it makes no difference, it's still 70 days to wait *sobs*

Lozzie Cap said...

An astonishing episode. I find it hard to watch - even snippets in mash-ups on YouTube - because it evokes such a powerful response in me. I didn't sleep properly for at least three nights after I saw it.

That's just stupid, I know. I blame that D'Onofrio bloke - he's just too good an actor, dammit. ;-D

val said...

If I was ever anywhere near him, I'd have to be TETHERED!

Grey does suit the epi, Eliza - sadly. Boohoo, poor Bobby!

Tess said...

I have trouble watching it too :(

My Poor Baby..

spookycc said...

Lozzie, the ep Untethered did the same thing to me. I don't even enjoy the USA commercials for new eps using clips from the ep, cuz it was a serious ep and the ads are funny.

The only other thing that hit me this hard was HLOTS: Subway. I bawled like a baby the firs time I watched Sunway, and it still makes me queasy.

Lozzie Cap said...

One day Spook, on day ... one day I will be able to watch HLOTS. But no, at the moment I still can't do it.

I'll keep you posted if/ad/or when I ever manage to look at it!!!

(I notice that caps from HLOTS rarely if ever show up on these V-Blogs and I suspect I know the reason why. It's too much to watch in slow motion ..)

JoJo said...

This was on a week or so ago and I have a very, very hard time watching him on that table, begging for water. I wish he'd get an Emmy. He DESERVES it.