Saturday, April 12, 2008

How To Make A Banner

Because Susan asked :-)

First,find your picture

Then crop it,make it black and white,play with the edges...

Repeat the above with caps from every VDO film,every season of CI,whatever you want
Make a banner with the text you want
Edited:I crop a black area of a photo,then resize it to 1000x200 pixels to make the banner

Add the pictures along the top,until it looks like this

Save it,then take the pictures off and replace with 10 more
Repeat until you've used all the pictures
You should now have 6 banners that look almost identical

Bring those back into your image program,
or use a picture editing site on the web
Then you just have to create a gif,or an animation
You can make it as fast or slow as you want

Save it,upload it to photobucket,
Go to layout in Blogger
In the header tab,click edit,add image,
Tick 'instead of title and description'
Save your blog

Clear as mud!!


val said...

Except how do you make the banner to add the pictures to? I fall at the second hurdle.

ann said...

eliza... "as clear as mud"

erm... yeah, you lost me way back

lotsa luv ann xxxx

fenwayspal said...

ya lost me at, "create a gif or an animation"

well, i'll give it a whirl.

thanx, eliza

BobbyG said...

Actually, mud is clearer. LOL

See...Eliza, you just need to come visit each and every one of us and give us personalized tutorials on this stuff. Plan to spend a month at my place.

Tess said...

Not even going to try!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get the one I finally made to download from the Bucket. There doesn't seem to be any option to put the code on the Blog. I also had to constantly resize to make it fit...and it's still a little too large... sorry, I just went dizzy...what was I saying?!

Thanks for the instructions anyway, I'll save them for next time I decide to take a walk on the wildside ;0)

val said...

I had that problem, Diane. Know what I did in the end?

Emailed my photos to Eliza, who made me a choice of banners and emailed tham back!

Oops, sorry Eliza, I see a heavy workload in your future...

Anonymous said...

I know Val, Eliza made the fist Cat banner for us, but I was trying to be 'self-sufficient' (dumb idea!) I was - and still am - just perplexed as to why there's no option to upload the banner from the Bucket, like you would a photo. Then again, it doesn't take much to perplex me ;0)

JoJo said...

Yup, you lost me at "crop". LOL!!!