Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What Makes You Think Of A Post?

for instance,this morning I couldn't get Hathaway out of my head.Some mornings I really have to think about what to post,other mornings I wake up with the idea already there.Waking up with the idea is much easier,and lets me think I've had good dreams too :-D


val said...

Mmm, there was something about Hathaway. I know! He was played by a bloke called Vincent D'Onofrio!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the flapping-coated-Major *swoon* I loved him in this - and I've NEVER forgiven Gary Sinese ;0)

Sometimes, I have NO idea what to post...and wandering helplessly around the Photobucket only seems to make matters worse. What's the old saying? 'Spoilt for choice!'

BASRIC said...

very nice, as usual. But why does this man like to die in his movies?
Please don't let Vincent take Bobby out with a bullet in the final episode. Hopefully far in the future.

jazzy said...

there was no "adult scene" for hathaway. not fair! NOT FAIR!!