Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fancy Dress

Just in case Vincent needs an idea for Halloween LOL

Judith gave me the original idea and it stuck in my head until I had to do something about it.A laptop mouse is much easier to use than a fullsize one..fits neatly into a brace anyway :-)


PurpleVixen7 said...

That is so awsome!!
I would say for the first pic:-You can visit to my "ranch" anytime sexy cowboy!!:)
The second:-Haug..you one tall and handsome Indian;can I be your white woman??;))

judith said...

thanks eliza there brill!!!.cowboy or indian i'd be his woman any day!!!!!!!!

JoJo said...

Oh the cowboy one is my fantasy COME TRUE!!!!!!!

I'd like to mount HIS horse!

Tess said...

What JoJo said!

This is wonderful Eliza :)

val said...

It's easy to imagine that is really him in the jeans :)

Anonymous said...

LOL - inspired!

I hope he's actually IN his western, rather than just directing it. I can imagine how coolly HOT he'll look in one of those long duster coats..at least I think they were called 'duster coats' way back when they made 'Young Guns' ;0)

BobbyG said...

I would KILL to see him in a western. Another name for the "duster" he's wearing is "long rider." Now doesn't that just make your thoughts run amok?

jazzy said...

oh my the cowboy outfit is too much! woderful, brilliant! long rider, halleluljah

but where has his package gone? lol, eliza, you must work on the package-part.
love it!! WOOT

JoJo said...

Can you make one of him in ass-less chaps? lol