Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And Two More

Top one for MusicWench,bottom one for Susan.

Susan,not sure if this is what you meant,but it seemed like these were all examples of Bobby invading space.....to me anyway :-) If you had any particular scenes in mind,let me know and I'll have another go


fenwayspal said...

where's the picture of him "invading my space"???

oh, that's right; he hasn't, yet


thanx, eliza

val said...

Great work again Eliza.

Madi said...

I wish he was invading my space, he he he... :-P
Great work, thanks!

BASRIC said...

Fabulous, as usual.

Anonymous said...

If he'd like to invade any 'space' of mine, he only has to say so. I'm available any hour of the day, any place on the planet ;0)

Delectable on both counts.

Er...has anyone requested Valentino???

Kimberly said...

"Invading", you say that like its a bad thing...with Vince, it would be more than welcomed! ~~blush~~

Great work...so many Vince's, so little time...::sigh::

Music Wench said...

Oh you are the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Nice to come home and find this. :)