Saturday, August 16, 2008

An A-Z of Films

Except that there aren't film titles or characters to cover the whole alphabet.This meant I had to improvise for Q,U,X & Z.

Your challlenge today,should you choose to accept it,is to figure out what I decided to use for those letters :-D


Tess said...

First of all...This is a Fabulous post!

I'm stuck on Q? U, I'm guessing is undressing? X, x-rated? Z, sleep?

My brain doesn't work properly at the hour on Saturday mornings :)

PurpleVixen7 said...

WOW..WOW..this is simply too much for my poor hart..ehhhhhhh..

BobbyG said...

WOW! I echo Tess, absolutely FABULOUS post. I got "X" right away. My brain is not ready to tackle the others. Again...WOW!

mauigirl said...

This is just beautiful, I will be watching this over and over, very clever idea. BTW, dear Eliza, I believe you're having a Birthday tomorrow!

So, I'm with Tess: U for undressed; X for X rated; Z for Zzzzzz (sleeping); Can't get Q, but how about:
Question: Who cares about the plot/other actors in Imposter when VDO is quite scrumptious as Maj Hathaway?

Diane said...

Q = Quite unspeakably LOVELY

Amazing job Eliza!!!!

val said...

I love it.

Wish I could slow it down!

Music Wench said...

Ah, what a lovely way to study Vincent! He's absolutely breathtaking in all his incarnations - though I don't quite care for the blond hair of Thor. Not that that would stop me from wanting to jump his bones but you know. It's like the beard. I prefer it gone but I'm not saying no to that man. Facial hair or not. :-D

DancingNanciesV said...