Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Golden Oldie

Golden meaning it focuses on Vincent's hands,Oldie meaning I have no idea when I made it,I just found it in my old photobucket album :-D

Whenever I made it,I forgot about it completely because I used the song again on this video a month ago....oops

Oh,and the reason I'm using Blogger's video service is because,having downloaded the original from photobucket so I could add titles, I can't reupload it because their copyright filter has decided it recognises the material!


Lozzie Cap said...


Oh, how wonderful! What a treat!

He has a musician's fingers. That he plays the guitar somehow doesn't surprise me in the least.

He must be very ... dexterous.

::thud:: - oh, why did I even bother standing up again in the fist place??

On the relatively rare occasions when I have seen him barefoot, I have also thought how nice his feet are. And, no doubt, all points in between.

::learnt lesson last time, cannot thud any more as am currently lying on the floor as I type::

Tess said...

I never paid attention to a man's hands until Vincent! They're So expressive, and you just know they'd make a woman Purr :)

val said...

Aside from the fact that they are very beautiful hands, you can see in his films that he really does know how to use them :)

But if he needs any extra practice...

jazzy said...

vincent's hands are perfect!
and i absolutely love your pix/song choices, eliza. well done and thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, he's the only person I can stand to see smoking - must be because it's something to do with his (fabulous) mouth!