Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Post 801

and back to normal with 'Cold Comfort'..and one of the most selfish men they've ever had...although as most criminals are selfish by default that's not saying much is it?


Jane said...

Lovely work, good episode this one and guy who played the father was also in Strange Days.

The black & white one is my fav.

Anonymous said...

And it's a very lovely 801th!

PurpleVixen7 said...

Lovely B01 post!!
Bobby brainstorming..eeehhhh!!

Tess said...

My favorite line from this one...'It's a girl thing'!

Wonderful collages Eliza..

val said...

Yes, the "girl thing". I heard a radio thing about handbags and where we put them - and then put them on the table!

Lovely stuff. Wish he'd found that cure for Alzheimers though.