Tuesday, October 28, 2008


or 'Pravada'...still not sure because it changes depending on where you look. I had a hard time with Bishop,she grated on me for some reason,and I think I missed Alex almost as much as Bobby :-D
Oh, just about everyone guessed my favourite caps from yesterdays post..the middle two pics from the bottom collage are PERFECT!


Tess said...

Bishop: The partner without a pulse!

Love the open collar :)

Diane said...

It will always be 'Pravda' to me.

Lovely work Eliza, the grey suit AND no tie *woof!*

judith said...

the grey suit does it for me every time.x

Music Wench said...

I missed Alex as much as Bobby did the whole time she was gone. He could have had a cardboard cut out of Alex tag along with him and it would have been as effective as having Bishop there.

How they managed to find the most uptight woman in NYPD to substitute is beyond me. LOL

Madi said...

Awesome work, sweetie, although it's still a bit too early for me... you know what I mean :-P

Jane said...

I feel it would of been better had they given Bishop some history, although Falacci was a temp she still had a past, shows just how much NBC had lost interest-its Pravda which I believe is a news station in the US not sure, nice collages Eliza.

val said...

I'm pretty sure Pravada was a misprint on the DVD box. Pravda was the Soviet newspaper, and I think the title meant Truth.

I love the picture where he was saying to Bishop, "See what you missed by not working vice?" after Eames clarified the situtaion over the credit card charges at lap dancing and strip clubs.

PurpleVixen7 said...

Grey suit..just is rigth for him!!
Thar colddd Bishop..
I see why those caps are favorite Eliza!!;)))