Friday, October 03, 2008

Purely For Academic Reasons

Or,more accurately,because I'm curious as to how much it would cost me to replace my 'V Collection' I visited Amazon yesterday....the prices listed may come as a surprise :-D

Firstly,most expensive:DVD: Stuart Saves His Family = £57.95
Soundtrack:The Whole Wide World = £162.27
Book: Thumbsucker-Photography from the film = £22.92
(which doesn't have ANY pictures of V!!)

Now,to least expensive:
DVD: Bark! = £1.71
Soundtrack: The Winner = £0.19!!
Book: Dying Young = £0.01
I hve no idea why 'Stuart' is so expensive,but 'The First Turn On' was £29.95 amount that almost made me fall off my chair :-D
My final total was scary,thankfully I've built my collection up over 5 years so it didn't seem so bad,BUT, I am not telling J or the kids how much I'd have to spend for fear of being cut off LOL

As a final word,in case anyone thinks I'm mad..I didn't pay as much as the top prices for any of my stuff..I love VDO,but not that much!!


judith said...

i dare'nt tell g. what i've paid for some of my stuff!! he'd have a fit.

Diane said...

I remember at one point 'Good Luck' was the price of a small car. I think I paid around $9 for my copy. I only bought 'Stuart' on official release (you, of course, provided it originally *mwoah*) a few months ago from and it was nowhere NEAR that price, even with the postage.

jazzy said...

life as a vdo-junkie IS expensive, I tell you!

val said...

I have NO idea how much I apid for anything VDO, not even the items of clothing that went way over my originally intended maximum bid.

There's a BTSOH on Ebay at the moment that had nearly reached $100when I looked an hour ago. I think somehow we did that one to ourselves. We named it and lusted after it, now everyone wants one!

cathy said...

Geez! I'm sitting on a fortune,LOL.

BASRIC said...

Every time watch one of his movies, I am SO grateful I bought them when they first came out. To buy them now---some you can find for less than ten dollars but others are over $170...and that's for Naked Tango not Stuart.

jazzy said...

i think Naked Tango is # one on the hitlist of expensive vdo-drugs.