Saturday, November 29, 2008

Remember This?

As I'm about to go and visit Hannah I thought I'd post one of her favourite videos...the poor girl was always being asked her opinion on my videos while she was here..maybe thats why she moved away LOL

I'm also taking a leaf out of Madi's book,who just happens to have reposted her Whole Wide World video :-D


ann said...

brilliant eliza - keep 'em coming 'cos you've made so many wonderful vids they deserve another airing

funny thing is I also resurrected REH on my blog this week from my London~Love~Vincent blog - poetry not music though

have fun with Hannah

Anonymous said...


Music Wench said...

All I can say is, he's definitely hot. Thanks for reposting! :-)

Madi said...

Oh, I guess I was acting pretty stupid the other day, huh? :-P
Thanks (you know what for) xxx

val said...

He is SOOO hot when he kisses.

cathy said...

wow! you've changed everything.
And what a sexy little blog it is!

I'm not blogging much but I haven't forgotten you:)

fuzzytweetie said...

God he's HOT!!!