Friday, December 19, 2008

Death Roe

I'm fairly sure Bobby having fun with that steam thingy is a favourite with just about everyone, but I may be wrong :-)


Lozzie Cap said...

For me, that steam-thingy scene was one of those like when Goren does the dance of the merry widow, or sits in the red sports car looking close to orgasmic, where I find myself asking, "Is that Goren, or D'Onofrio?"

Diane said...

...and Eames was VERY mean not letting him have just a little sip! I always kind of think when Bobby's having fun, so is Vincent :0)

BASRIC said...

This is one of my favorite episodes though the incest part not so much, but wonderful shots of Bobby and interplay between him & Alex.

val said...

I'm not keen on the episode (even apart from the dead fish and stuff, not nice for a veggie) but Bobby's always lovely - especially, as you say, Eliza - when he's having fun.

Must go and update the advent calendars now:)

jazzy said...

what's the difference between "thing" and "thingy"?
anyone? please!

he's steaming hot :)

PurpleVixen7 said...

Bobby/Vincent can come to my home,and try my family grapa,then me!!;)))
YES Jazzy he is very sizzling hottt!!