Saturday, January 17, 2009

For Cathy

And anyone else who doesn't think it's too much

Not sure how long photobucket will leave it alone so if you like it you might want to save the picture to your own computer

Oh, not sure about the change of status to 'adult content' either, but I looked at this and thought it was a good idea, just in case :-D


judith said...

WELL! i don't know what to think. only that it's GREAT!! it was a shock though. it's not full moon tonight is it? and you've thought "to hell with it lets have some fun"?!!x

jazzy said...

adult content, woo hoo!
i would give my life for the content of cholo's trousers!!

Anonymous said...

Phew, when I saw the adult content warning, I thought I'd come (no jokes please!) to the wrong place ;0)

Wonderful - he's just WONDERFUL, in all of his many guises.

coyoteondrake said...

OK, I have so got to get my hands on that movie!

If only to find out what he is saying when she is blindfolded with him in front of her and the other guy behind her.

I had read some stupid drivel someone wrote about Vincent doing those types of movies because of a sexual addiction.

All I can say about that is I forgive them for saying that. It's just natural they would get mixed up and confused. Tell me who thinks of him and doesn't think of sex? This is another one of those examples where the vixen dictionary must be consulted. Pull it out, look up the word, now tell me whose picture is there?

Got that right!

val said...



cathy said...

God Almighty!
That is so hot!

Nita said...

Now I know why there's an "Adult Content" warning on your site--Knee-Buckling, Pant-Moistening, Swoon-Inducing, Cigarette-Worthy posts like this one! ;D

BASRIC said...

that was definitely a hot wave rolling through here though its freezing outside HOT!