Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I could only really remember 3 things about this one..1. I felt really sorry for the mother who pointed the gun at Bobby and Alex, despite the fact that normally that would guarantee I'd hate her. 2. I really really didn't like the girl who turned out to be the villain. 3. I still have no idea why I find that inhaler shot soooo good :-D


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it's the inhaler, more the person using it in such a knee-wobblingly SENSUAL way!

Madi said...

Oh, the inhaler scene is such a typical Goren-ism! Good episode, awesome pics!

Btw, her name is Amy Acker, and I know her from Angel. Couldn't help playing certain know-it-all character... And it's not Bobby! :P

jazzy said...

to join the amy acker debate... i know her from "catch me if you can".

becaue i was staring for hours at THE scene of smile i really need an inhaler!

val said...

Ah, such wondrousness. I want that inhaler to come up on Ebay, unwashed.