Monday, March 23, 2009


for your phone..or mp3 player :-D

These are the result of my need to have as many pictures as possible without using all the memory on my phone...full size pictures are here


jazzy said...

is it christmas yet?
thank you for that present :)

Diane said...

I LOVE the way your mind works!!!

Tess said...

Well, I think you know which one is my favorite ;)

val said...

Oh my lord! Ecstasy overload!

How is it you don't lose your sexy photos on P-Bucket? I have NONE left.

artistonthehudson said...


BASRIC said...

SO much Vincent--you're trying to kill off all the competition? Heart Failures and aneurysms from fainting and whacking their heads on furniture. At the least dissolving into a puddle of lust or hyperventilating.

PurpleVixen7 said... nuch pretty stuff..all with VDO!!It is too much for my poor hart!!DROOL..
THANKS for this Eliza!!;)