Sunday, April 26, 2009

To Sell Or Not To Sell?

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In my case it turned out to be 'Not To Sell'. Yesterday I made this for E-bay. I had every intention of listing it and seeing what happened.After all, given whats on sale there right now I wouldn't be doing anything wrong would I?

BUT..I just can't do it..I don't know why, maybe I have a screwed moral code, but it feels wrong to make money because of Vincent's hard work rather than my own. Guess it means I am a fan not a 'business woman' :-D

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

You can't do it for the same reason I couldn't either: you're a TRUE VDO-Lover dear Eliza.

We all know that, technically, it's totally illegal to screencap AT ALL, let alone for 'profit' and that if the Feds found out, they could put us away for 100,000 years, BUT at least we all do it out of love and respect for VINCENT and his work, and we share what we make for FREE on that basis. What we DON'T do is try to make a fast buck by selling what we don't 'own' in the first place. It's a shame some people have no scruples whatsoever if they think they can make themselves some quick'n'easy money and from something they didn't even 'make' themselves, but took from others. I just hope no one is daft enough to actually buy them - that's why god invented the 'right click' ;0)

judith said...

you did the right thing eliza not putting them on ebay. you would'nt have been able to live with yourself. it is maddening when you see and hear of others making a "fast buck" out of pictures etc. of what ever star it is. they are not "real fans", you are.x love you for not betraying yourself.x

Tess said...

From what Diane has told me about E-bay, you most certainly did the right thing Eliza.

Jane said...

I couldn't sell anything related to Vincent either, you made the right choice.

val said...

Now if only Ebay and YouTube would swap managements, we could keep all our videos and lose Jeannette.

fuzzytweetie said...

You have a good heart.....unlike another person who lives in an attic, so to speak.

I applaud you!!! hugs!!!!

jazzy said...

bravo, girl!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! You are a very talented individual and we love the stuff you have collected. We are all also very grateful that you allow us to use it for our own enjoyment.

When I think of that Roller Coaster Video you made for me I still get all mushy inside! Whenever I am upset about something and need to escape I give it another look.

So I hope our thanks and compliments are enough to keep you going!

eBay is not the way and I personally want to thank you for making that choice. Remember the feds who would come to get you probably don't look anything like Bobby anyway!