Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bit Of A Mixed Post

Picture is because I woke up too early for a Sunday and couldn't think of anything better to do..although as I can rarely think of anything better than playing with pics that's not really a surprise :-)

For those that know her LADY AXE is back in blogland..which is brilliant from my point of view because I don't really get facebook, so miss her rather a lot

Lastly, Madi has a couple of new songs on her blog, and as she's going to work in Alicante for a month this'll be the last chance,for a while anyway,to tell(beat into) her that her voice is pretty good actually.

Now, as the Sunday paper just arrived I'm going to see if the tv mag mentions LOCI at all.Does anyone else always check that first, or is it just me?


BASRIC said...

Nicely done picture. And yes I also check the paper, and the local TV Guide Internet to be certain some damn W.W.E. isn't pre-empting it. God I hate wrestling.

jazzy said...

I always check the blogs first; so here I am. Good Morning, Ladies :) Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture to start Sunday off - and no, you're certainly not alone! There's a TV Guide with the paper on Saturday AND Sunday, and my first 'job' is ALWAYS to check for LOCI content. Good to know we all 'suffer' from the same (wonderful) 'affliction' ;0)

ann said...

eliza, thanks for the thumbs up on axe and madi and you're both right, madi has a lovely voice

val said...

Madi is a bad girl. I told her a year ago how good her voice was, and gave her the email of some singer friends of mine who live near her and give lessons. She never contacted them! It would give her so much confidence - I know, been there, done that.

Madi said...

Thank you!
Ann, thank you, you're very kind.
Val,.... forgive me, please? I'm sorry, I guess I have some confidence issues, but I promise I'm trying very hard to work on them. You're right, I am a bad girl, I'm going to do my best to be good from now on. Promise!!
Thanks guys, xxxxx

Tess said...

Thanks for the news about Axe and Madi Eliza. I'm just off to check out Madi's new songs now!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, don't you just want to save him!

Forgive me but I am posting the following on all the VDO sites I follow:

Please check out
Scroll to the bottom and enter your zip code for the theater nearest you that is showing this movie. Please look for some special events going on at the theater related to the movie in the month of June.

Good luck! I hope you find one nearby and that you are able to get a special surprise as well!

BASRIC said...

I love Vincent dearly, but I am not driving 234 miles to Indiana to see the movie. Sorry it will be the DVD for me.

PurpleVixen7 said...

That is very nice and pretty!!Jazzy I too check my mail and this blogs first!!:)