Saturday, May 23, 2009

Custom Cover Masterclass( Sort Of)

Bear in mind I can't explain it very well because I usually just play until I get the result I want
Here goes:

First, pick the cover you want to change. I'm using this one because it's easy.

Then block(or erase) the images you don't want.

You can start putting the new images in place. I find the ones I want to use before I start..makes it easier when I don't have to go through a folder with hundreds of pictures for just a few

You can crop your images if you want to now. I made the front ones square because I liked how they looked, and it made them a bit easier to arrange

Once you have the pictures where you want them you can add edges, or other touches if you like. Then all you have to do is save, and print, the new cover.

You could do this in just about any image editor, and no doubt there are lots of better ways to do it, but this is what works for me. I don't think the results are too bad :-D


Anonymous said...

It sounds so straightforward dear goddess of D'Onofrio-dom, but I have no idea how to even get a cover I want to change onto the PC, unless I scan it (?)

I think you should design ALL of the covers for Vincent's work!

judith said...

you lost me eliza right at the very start!!why don't we just buy the wonderful covers off you. i'm like diane would have no idea how to get a cover onto the PC. scan? whats a scan?x

BASRIC said...

You did a wonderful job. But I saw this movie in the theater and that was enough. Even though Vincent is in it, I never bought it and never want to watch it again.

BUT if I did have the movie I'd love to grab one of your covers.

mauigirl said...

Oh Eliza, you are so wonderful, talented and clever. Is it OK if I just borrow your covers? I have no idea how to do this, either. Maybe I can figure it out, but it would take me a year. I still can't even get a pic by my replies, as you all have!!! I've tried, but the pics don't seem to want to show up. :(

fuzzytweetie said...

Yes, YOU ARE THE GODDESS. I'd probably blow my damn computer to smithereens!!!! Not to mention the few brain cells I still have :0)

jazzy said...

very nice, as usual. if only my printer worked!

jazzy said...

in computing, a scanner is a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital image. in easy words: put any picture of vincent in a scanner, then the scanner transfers that picture to your computer.

val said...

If I could just find my printer/scanner from under a pile of paperwork, I would print yours, 'cos I sure as hell will never figure out what to do with it once I'd managed to scan it in on the same unearthed machine.

I just have to grab something from a newly made dvd to put on my blog. See you next year!

judith said...

jazzy. i'm still lost!!!!