Saturday, June 20, 2009

This May Not Look Very Impressive


And you'd be right, it isn't. But it impresses the hell out of me because it's taken me countless hours and various bits of new software, to say nothing of a new gadget( a usb tv tuner if you must know). If someone could explain why I even felt the need to record the episodes when they play on Five I'd be grateful :-D


Diane said...

I'm not only recording them again on ch5 Eliza, I found out last night I'd messed up one one episode and it hadn't recorded. I was nearly in tears....even tho' I already have it (twice!)

Jane said...
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Jane said...

The first title in blindspot didn't have those extra pics, damn must of had no time initially, unfortunately it doesn't play the episode back in Wide so its all elongated-they are good titles though aren't they?-I wonder if they will change them slightly for S7.

val said...

I don't understand the question, Eliza. Why would you NOT record them again?

Er - USB TV tuner?