Wednesday, July 15, 2009

As A Follow On

To a remark made by Vincent(about how he looks, of all things) I've studied as hard as I can, and I have to disagree with him :-D


ann said...

fantastic graphics eliza

as gorgeous as he is, it's his presence that leaves me gasping and I would love to be in his

VDOnSD said...

Even my mom called me laughing and said who is he kidding that he has ever looked like shit!

fuzzytweetie said...


He has an image problem that all of us need to help him with!

Anonymous said...

Like I said at Team13, if he thinks he looks like shit, the rest of his gender is in BIG trouble ;0)

Jane said...

Looks totally HOT more like:)

val said...

I think we could all pass a very lengthy exam in how hot Vincent looks.

Preferably a physical exam. Don't mind if it's by us on him or by him on us.

fuzzytweetie said...

Here, Here, val!!!!! LOL

jazzy said...

..... and we all would receive an A+++++ on the physical exam.

PurpleVixen7 said...

MMM..MMM..such beautiful slideshow,like always!!;)
I saw the interwiev,WHAT A MAN..WOOF,WOOF..makes me love him even more;which I did think it was possible!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, sometimes guys use that word when they really like something so I think he is telling us something here. Think back and you may have heard a guy or two say it.

I think I could manage to use that word in his presence talking about him. Don't hate me but here ARE a couple times when I think it might come out of my mouth with the guy speak translation below (and I RARELY say that word):

OH shit, come over here!
(This means you look really good and I have got to touch you.)

OH shit, that feels good!
(I'll let you use your imagination on that one - could be used in several instances.)

So I am sure you would use the SHIT
word in his presence too given the right opportunity! I would have to agree with him everything about him is So Hot It's Torture!