Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I Had An Overwhelming Urge to Revisit 'One'

So much so that I watched it when I should have been making the packed lunches :-)
I have a feeling that I'm about to go through all the episodes again.....but using less pictures this time, which is actually harder than picking loads


jazzy said...

aaaaw you'd placed bobby in my packed lunch; how thoughtful you are ;P

fuzzytweetie said...

Bobby goes good with PB&J!

I'm along for the ride for revisiting.....hungry, too!!

Anonymous said...

I often get overwhelming urges where Vincent's concerned ;0)

val said...

There's One I revisit all the time. Not the episode. The One concerned requires that capital letter becasue he is my god. Of love, of hotness, of lust, you name it.

Tess said...

Ahhhhhh. The first time we met Bobby :)