Thursday, October 22, 2009


I really should pay attention to the other actors in Vincent's films...I had no idea Adam Storke (Mark Dietrich) had been in Mystic Pizza until it was pointed out by my daughter, who is obviously a much more objective viewer :-)


Diane said...

Well, I'm amazed there ARE other people in things with Vincent ;0)

Wonderful collage Eliza!

jazzy said...

Mr. Stroke looks completely different in 'Monster', I'd never recognised him. Good catch, daughter of Eliza :D

Tess said...

I had no idea! He played the 'rich kid' right?!

Ahhhh. Bobby and his stocking cap of love ;)

How are you feeling today Eliza? I hope much better :)

fuzzytweetie said...

LOL, we're all side tracked by VDO. I found it funny that he even had the bigger part (not THAT one). Good thing they didn't switch roles.

val said...

You find out something new every day.