Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Back To Normal

With the post meant for yesterday. May just be me but I really like the one where he's looking under the door :-)

Thank You for the helpful advice,btw, I think Vals suggestion of a hammer has merit! We think it's a problem with the power supply, which can be fixed.It's just going to have to wait until next year.


val said...

Mmm, yes, looking under the door :D

Ankle and size 13, AND the dip, sort of. What's ot to love?

Glad the advice was "useful".

Tess said...

I'd die if he peeked under my door! :)

Anonymous said...

About as technically proficient as I get is turning the power on and off if there's a problem ;0)

mauigirl said...

That pic makes me want to peek under his coat.

jazzy said...
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jazzy said...

LOL, mauigirl you have stolen my line!
The 'hammer' advice is wonderful. What type of hammer can you recommend?