Monday, January 25, 2010

Silver Lining

I like this one..and I like the thief too...he was smart and I think Bobby respected that even if they did have to catch him eventually :-)

Jazzy: always Wondershare for these..I like the effects and I know how to use it now, so doing the collages doesn't take so long...although choosing the pictures takes forever :-D


fuzzytweetie said...

What a conundrum to be in!

I love your collages. Is wondershare easy to use?

I like that the perp was smart and cunning but, had a heart. I think Bobby did, too.

mauigirl said...

Beautiful collage, even more beautiful man, and great epi.

Anonymous said...

The perp was smart, but NATURALLY, our favourite Detective was smarter.

potzina said...

I love his smile on your caps!
At the end of this episode, he looks sad...He need a cuddle and i'm voluntary, of course!

jazzy said...

Thank you for letting me know :) The problem was, I used the trial version for Vista, which has a lot of layouts such as x-mas, wedding day etc. but only seven regular templates. However I keep on using picasa3 and Corel. Oh yeah, choosing the pictures is always a hard job. But you always pick the best ones.
BTW, the name Wondershare is very appropriate for Vincent collages. LOL!
SilverLining is great, you collage is great too - as usual!

JoJo said...

Easily one of my fave episodes, and the thief was truly a likeable person. Boy would I love to find jars of buried money in my yard though! lol

val said...

Bobby did seem to enjoy his battle of wits with this guy.