Friday, January 01, 2010

To all the wonderful people who visit I wish you a
Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and most importantly
VDO filled 2010!

with thanks to DragonArtz for the original picture


JoJo said...

I love it! If only Vincent's characters would pop out of a champagne bottle! My cup runneth over indeed! lol

Happy New Year Eliza and thanks for everything you do for us!!


Anonymous said...

What a stunningly magnificent start to 2010! I'll have a crate full of these bottles please ;0)

I'd like to wish a VERY Happy New Year to sweet Vincent and fellow members of the V-Loving-Sisterhood - and SnarkAngels of course!

Esmee said...

Wow! Great picture!
And those calenders are very nice too!

This site is amazing and thanks to you, 2010 will be VDO filled for me! 2009 was a great year too, because you must know, before 2009 I didn't even know Vincent! So this year really opened my eyes and showed me what a wonderful actor he is.

A Very Happy New Year to you all and thank you for this great fansite about VDO. 2010 rocks!

Axe said...

Thank you, Gorgeous!!!Same to you and yours......and PLENTY of V-love!

havers said...

Happy New Year, Eliza.

Great animation like always.

Madi said...

Happy V New Year, everybody! :)

val said...

Happy New Year, oh many-talented one.

That's both Eliza AND Vincent

potzina said...

Happy New Year Eliza! I wish you happiness, healthy and love and the same for your family and friends! Thank You for your blog and website and video!! Bonne Année et meilleurs voeux!!!

mauigirl said...

Happy New Year Eliza! I'll take a few hundred cases of that champagne, please.

Tess said...

Now that is my kind of champagne bottle!

Happy New Year Eliza :)

jazzy said...

Pop his cork, oh yeah!

Happy New Year Dear Eliza :)
Much Love XO

fuzzytweetie said...

Cool graphics!

Happy New Year, eliza

Happy New Year, vdo friends