Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Can't bear to look through the caps I did this is it..goodbye Bobby &'re better off out of it if the writing in this episode is a sign of things to come :-(


Diane said...

I woke up a little after 5am and had a text message from Tess, so although I haven't seen it, I know what happened. We then spent the next hour and a half shooting increasingly FURIOUS text messages at each other. I KNEW it was going to be shit when I followed the links from the USA Board to '...more new photos from Loyalty part 2'. Who were they of?? Well, is wasn't Vincent and Kate!!!! It still hurts too much at the moment, but eventually, I'll be as happy as Vincent is that it's all over - and we have the DVDs ;0)

guiding light81 said...

On all the other LOCI/VDO sites on the internet I read everyday, everyone is going mad about last night's episode.Apparently over here in Germany I will have to wait for a few month longer to say goodbye to Goren,Eames and Ross, but I feel like I've done it already.The pain felt and written down by my fellow vixens makes my heart feel miserably and hurt!
No other word than FUCK YOU USANETWORK.
You may not know now what will be hitting you in the next few weeks and month but I do!!!!
Ratings will sink and you will lose some precious money.Apparently the ONLY thing you really care about (despite your slogan CHARACTERS WELCOME).But you should have known better not to mess with a loyal fan's heart.WE will make you LIGHTER!!!
(I'm not able to post anything else today so I post this comment everywhere possible)

BobbyG said...

I ranted long and hard last night after the show aired. The cap you posted is the way I want/choose to remember them. USA did the fans and their precious network a great disservice with this crappy episode. Forget the "Fluff Campaign," I propose a new "CRAP" campaign...if you get my drift.

happy said...

Glad I didn't tape the show! Would never watch it again. What an insult to fine actors we have grown to Love over the yrs. Not Happy!

Labs_n_SD said...

I agree that I will never watch it again, it was a terrible way to end things. I was prepared to not like it, but this actually SUCKED!

I usually watch twice - the east coast version (at 7am here on the west coast) and then again for the west coast version. But after it was over at 8pm and then I ranted to anyone who would listen for an hour - I was done.

They wimped out (or as someone else so appropriately put - they "Punted" and should have left the title Puntland) - and didn't do either them or the fans justice.

At least the FanFic writers will have a lot to work with!

Tess said...

I found myself wondering Why Vincent was even in the episode? It was all about 'old ostrich head and his new super model partner' (Yeah, she's really believable as a detective)

Vincent, Kate, Eric and the fans were cheated out of the proper goodbye we all deserved..

Marian said...

The last 2 epis were close to unwatchable. I could have written a script that would have paid homage to both characters and made their closing a more positive story......and would have been about the reasons they were there for 8 seasons........Shame on the powers that be for getting rid of them.....VDO is right, all he was to GE was a "toaster," the finale made that clear.

How dare they not play to their strengths. VDO was getting out of there for a good reason. I had to force myself to watch after the ridiculous first epi
and am still shocked at what i saw.

mauigirl said...

What crap is right! You have all said whatever is to be said, but I wanted to share what my non-VDO/LOCI fan hubby thought. He asked me why after 8 years, they couldn't dedicate the epi to G/E and give them a good send-off.
Was Vincent on screen for even 5 minutes?
Crap, just crap.

JoJo said...

*sniff* Mauigirl, you mean Bobby/Vincent was hardly in the last episode last night???

Well, at least we all get the perverse pleasure of watching the show go down the drain. Like I commented on MusicWench's blog, they should call the show "L&O: Titanic."

potzina said...

I'm so angry! This episode is a shame! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!

val said...

I know I have to watch it, but I wish I didn't have to.

Madi said...

I haven't watched it yet, but I get the feeling that they couldn't get rid of Vincent, Kate and Eric any faster... WTF???
You know what? I'm glad it's over, and I'm sure they'll find better things to do.
And this show is going to hell. Period.