Friday, April 23, 2010

Self Made

I find it hard to watch this without thinking of Crooked Hearts...and as Charley getting one over on his dad :-P

As to yesterdays post..I'm obviously very easy to read...the picture in the middle and the one of him bending over are definite favourites and are in my screensaver folder..along with a couple from every other episode :-D


Anonymous said...

...and another episode where Mr Python gave us a merry wave :0)

potzina said...
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potzina said...

The bottle pic is a riot! *Slurp*

JoJo said...

Bottom left pic: Delicious. And I find myself scrutinizing his 'below the belt area' in the pic where he's standing up, looking for his Commando-ness. lol

I guess we all should start looking for his LOCI wardrobe pants on ebay, now that the secret is out!

val said...

Been there before you, JoJo!

Got some boxers, too, so what was that all about?

Funnily enough, I've visited these thoughts on my post today.