Saturday, April 10, 2010

You're Watching CSI.NY For Want Of A Better Choice

The scene changes to a place you you

A) Think nothing of it
B) Figure you must have seen it somewhere in passing
C) Get ridiculously over-excited and know instantly where to find the picture evidence that shows you have maybe watched The Thirteenth Floor a little too often? :-D


jazzy said...

Shock! I fell off chair as I saw the first 2 pictures - thought, you found deleted scenes of 13F or something. LOL!

Ash is God!

jazzy said...

Answer is C of course.
Say, is 34987 times a little too often? I don't think so :) but that's just me.

judith said...

my answer C.

Tess said...

OH absolutely C! Great catch Eliza :)

lovevdo69 said...

Damn, that is one VDO movie I haven't seen yet. Worth getting is it?

potzina said...

No doubt, C!

Diane said...

I stopped watching CSI New York for 2 reasons;

1) I kept expecting tiny Gary Sinese to explode at the end of every episode
2) I read somewhere that they actually film the show in LA!! Not sure if that's true or not, but it put me off.

However, if I see anything that looks 'familiar', I tend to get terribly excited :0)

val said...

I have to confess that, on the (only!) 3 or 4, or 5 or 6, times I've watched it, I never noticed any detail about the pool other than that Vincent was there.

Madi said...

Hah!! My answer is C, obviously, but you know me too well already... :-P

JoJo said...