Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Interview From 'The Narrows' dvd


With video, in case you want to watch it again..although why you'd want to do that....:-p


Miex said...

Oh yeah, that interview was just amazing. Didn't watch it for a while though. thx for the reminder ;)
and what a wonderful collage!

Beverly said...

Perks? getting in a nap. Funny.

Liked this movie, only watched it a couple of times. It's kinda slow moving, I tend to fast forward to Vincent.

happy said...

Liked the interview very much. The movie was good too! Vincent is a soft spoken man... love to hear him talk. :)

val said...

Now why would anyone want to watch that again?

I love to hear him talk about his art.

I'd love to hear him just repeat "Rhubarb, rhubarb".

Oh, hey, there's an idea - what about the trailer where he delivers the rhubarb pie?

mauigirl said...

I love to hear him talk, he's such a love.

Lisa said...

That voice just makes me... dehydrated from losing so many... um... how should I say this... *ahem* bodily fluids...? (Of the lubricating variety)

I see nothing has changed here at Eliza's... still the greatest at making all of us VDO crazy!

potzina said...

I like this interview! And your collage is lovely :o)

Diane said...

I'd find it fascinating if he read the contents of a box of cornflakes to me.

Good job Eliza

Ruby said...

'Love this film, and this is a lovely interview. Thanks for posting, Eliza! And thanks, as always, for your beautiful collages. You are a true artist.